There is not much industry established in Nepal. Therefore, production is very low, most goods are imported from other countries, India and China in particular. Actual income source is mainly from people who go abroad for work. The number of Nepali people working in foreign countries almost amounts to the total population of Austria.

To counterbalance this economical imbalance, to work towards sustainable development, and to establish high tech industry and technology in Nepal, we established an electronic engineering and assembly business in rural area of northern Nepal. Raphael Langerhorst, the initiator of this enterprise, is an electronic engineer with many years of experience in Austria in this field.

Our expertise is in the fields of Solar Photovoltaic Energy and battery systems, control equipment and high tech electronics like computerized automation.

We provide and support complete products, individual components as well as services such as customization, integration and engineering. Our market is mainly Nepal and European Countries.

List of products readily available, especially for solar applications:

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