Namuna Saurya Prabidhi Pvt. Ltd.

Sustainable High Tech in Nepal

Timber Construction - We build professional wooden houses in Nepal.
High quality life style.

We provide full service around wooden houses or mixed-type construction projects in Nepal. We cover all types of buildings, including commercial buildings, offices, private homes, schools, hotels, restaurants, halls, resorts, housing projects and others.

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Natural Wood supports your health, is earthquake resistant and looks very attractive.

Solar Components, Lithium Battery Management, Intelligent Buildings, Automation
Full Service around Electronic Engineering, PCB Design, Integration and Production

We provide sophisticated electronic engineering services, specific products related to solar control equipment, energy management and light systems.

Our services include custom designs, especially design and production of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Ready to use products include DC light systems, Solar charge controllers, Lithium battery management systems (BMS) and various control equipment for industrial automation purposes.

We can develop new designs and equipment according to customer needs, both for commercial and industrial purposes. Our expertise is control equipment, custom PCB designs, including software and system integration. We can work on commercial product designs as well as individual industrial scale projects.

Some of our products are used in European markets for solar systems, electric vehicles, battery storage systems and similar applications.

Please contact us for solar related products, any custom control equipment or consultancy services.

Sustainable Technology, Skills and Economic Cooperation and Self-Sufficiency

Namuna Saurya Prabidhi Pvt. Ltd. has been established as a Nepal government approved foreign investment by Austrian citizen Raphael Langerhorst in 2073 BS (2016 AD).

The main objectives of the company are to establish sustainable technology, increase the technical skills and to lead to economic self-sufficiency of Nepal.

Technology and skills must be adapted to the specific setting of the environment and culture in Nepal. As such, technology cannot simply be transferred from other countries, but need to be integrated wisely for the full benefit of local people and sustainable development of the country itself.

We strieve to deliver high quality products and services as well as to set an example of a cooperative environment that acts in the interest of all, be it community, partners or clients. Such an example should inspire others to live up to the same standard of good conduct and well-intended cooperation, eventually manifesting such mutually beneficial conduct in society at large.

A truly cooperative society eventually brings forward great and lasting developments in and around all of Nepal.

Head Office

Namuna Saurya Prabidhi Pvt. Ltd.
Bidur-9, Nuwakot
Office Phone: +977 986 1581473
PAN (VAT) Nr.: 604270094

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